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Queen Conch

Conch Shells are believed to be the bringers of good luck and fortune. They symbolize the feminine and all blessings associated with the aspects of divine feminine energy. Conch has been considered a symbol of infinity because of its spiral shape. Queen Conch Shell symbolizes destiny and the world which is infinitely large, therefore, it will help to create infinite possibilities and give you more of a chance at success. This gemstone is useful when you want to broaden your horizons and stimulate creativity. It is excellent for people who tend to cover up their true feelings or tend to act a little too reserved. You may find having Queen Conch by your side will help you be able to take actions free of stress by unifying your body and mind. The perfect gemstone to make your future bright.

Shellfish have meanings and effects related to birth, regeneration, marriage and fertility. Queen Conch also has similar power. It is known as a gemstone that blesses all kinds of energy. This is an excellent stone to enhance talents and skills. Its strong vital energy can stimulate humans' reproductive abilities, therefore an excellent stone to aid conception and pregnancy.

This gemstone is often used for increasing luck on the home front and brings the blessings of children. Wear Conch to heal sins and hurts of the past. In ancient times this gem was used as an amulet to bring long life and pure energy. It is a Holy item that was used for ceremonies and meditation. It will broaden your consciousness as big as the ocean!

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